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leonardo calvo

My name is Leonardo Calvo, I was born on February 7, 1996 in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, where I currently reside. I am a composer and sound designer. However, I stand out as a pianist.

My academic training began at a Music Conservatory. Later, in order to specialize, update and acquire more tools, I attended various educational institutions such as Image Campus, National Technological University (UTN) and TAMABA.

Professionally, I have always taught music. Yet, recently I have also dared to venture into music production. Once immersed in this new world, I became interested in the audiovisual field, more specifically in video games and film productions.

Thanks to this turn in my career, my perseverance and dedication, I was able to develop different projects in the audiovisual field.

By hiring my service, I guarantee you a passionate soul and an absolute commitment so that your goals and ideas can be accomplished. Besides, I ensure you a distinctive creation because I believe that every path is unique, as it is every musical composition and every film.

To get to know me a bit more, I invite you to see my portfolio and my history.

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music composition


A suitable composition for any project, various musical genres and the Best concept.

sound design

Sound Design

Sound effect creation, using synthesis, sampling and Foley.

audio implementation


Implement interactive music and SFX to make your videogame even more unique.